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Our Curriculum

Our extremely caring and experienced staff have worked as a team and produced documentation to map each child’s progress as they work through the Early Years Foundations Stage Curriculum. All our children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace. Your child will have the support from their own personal key carer, who will stimulate and support your child’s learning and development. Parents and carers can view the folders and share the experience of observing their child’s progress and achieving their major milestones.

 Scrap books are updated and taken home each half term with photographs and a collection of artwork, enabling parents and carers a wonderful insight into everyday life at Preschool.  Your child’s key carer will also discuss and write development targets in the scrapbook along with ideas to try at home; so you can continue encouraging and developing them at home. 







Development Portfolio’s

Each child will have their own Development Portfolio which is used to record and collect evidence of your child’s learning and development. Each child will have individual targets and milestones set for each half term which will assist to map out how the next stage of their development will be reached, and highlight where assistance may be needed. Parents are encouraged to feed into these targets and are given ideas to try at home to assist their development.

During structured and appropriate play activities the Pre-school practitioners will record written and photographic observations of your child’s progress and achievements. These observations will then help feed into next steps to progress your child’s learning and development.

Short observations: Staff will observe a child while carrying out an activity. The observation will be linked to children’s individual targets and seven learning areas.

Long observations: Staff will observe a child for up to 20 minutes and make notes on how they interact or achieve. These are also linked back to the 7 learning areas in great detail.

Photo observations: Each room is equipped with a digital camera to capture how a child is developing. These can also be used in the observation section of the child’s folder, and help to develop the children’s scrap books.

All observations will be reviewed by your child’s Key Carer who will use the information to build your child's next individual targets.

 Reports are produced every six months which give parents and carers an update of how your child is developing within each area of learning.